March 2012


by Caroline on March 28, 2012

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Watch out, because here comes Mama Bear.

Happy Bubbles

My usual, happy Bubbles

My 11.5 yo. Bubbles came home from her youth service trip last night. I expected a tired but excited girl, eager to tell us everything she’d seen and done.

That’s not what I got.

I got a subdued, quiet Bubbles, which, let me tell you, is not the norm. We sat down to dinner, and she barely picked at her food. We kept asking questions about her trip and the places they were supposed to go. And finally, the dam broke.

She felt excluded by the other girls. It seemed to her that everyone was paired up, and she was left out. And when she tried to join a few of them, she was told, “We’re not talking to you!” And who wants to keep trying after rejection like that? Even the one girl she thought she could count on let herself be led around by another, more forceful girl, and didn’t stick up for Bubbles when Bubbles wanted to sit with them, or just talk with them.

I was afraid this was going to happen. I called the pastor going with the group last week to fill her in on Bubbles’ ADHD, and asked her to look out for her. I know there were a bunch of kids and a million details to attend to, but I wish somebody had been tuned in to how Bubbles was faring. Maybe I should have talked to a parent chaperon, also.

I know this is something that often happens to kids with ADHD. They don’t always understand social cues, and are so eager to have friends and play that other kids can be overwhelmed or made uncomfortable by them. Try to stay away. Label them weird. But Bubbles is so darn friendly, and (I think) fun, and it hacks me off that not only do they not see that, but they make an effort to keep her away.

Hate is a strong word. But last night, with Bubbles in tears at the dinner table, I’m pretty sure that’s what I felt. Why do kids have to be so mean?


Making Math Fun

by Caroline March 28, 2012
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M-bug still struggles with place value. She often gets her tens and ones mixed up, and numbers with more than one digit in front of the comma stump her. One game that her therapist, Miss Tammy, uses with her at the Idaho Learning Center is called the Math Place Value Game. (I know–pretty predictable.)   […]

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Spring Break Staycation

by Caroline March 26, 2012
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This week is our spring break. Yes, even virtual homeschools have a spring break, and most other regular holidays.  One thing we don’t have is as many teacher-inservice days.  The girls are always a bit bummed when they realize that the kids who go to “regular school” have the day off. We’re not going anywhere […]

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Mrs. Riley to the Rescue

by Caroline March 20, 2012
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In an earlier post, Not Speaking the Same Language, Bubbles and I had a major communication meltdown. It wasn’t because she wasn’t listening, or because I wasn’t explaining.  It’s because … well, a couple of reasons. We have different definitions of things. My idea of a clean room is different from Bubbles’ idea of a […]

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Pop Quiz

by Caroline March 18, 2012
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Bubbles is in Bible Quizzing, and yesterday was the last quiz meet of the year. I’m so proud of her. She worked really hard this year studying the book of Matthew. She was in Quizzing last year too, but it just never really clicked. She didn’t want to work at it, and had a hard […]

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Like Father, Like Daughter

by Caroline March 15, 2012
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In Not Speaking the Same Language I posted about Bubbles leaving a box right in front of the door into the garage. Well, I’ve got proof of where she gets it from. I had Parent/Teacher Conferences this morning, and since Decoder Man was working from home and could keep an eye on the girls, I decided […]

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Schoolday Schedules

by Caroline March 15, 2012
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There have been many articles written on how to schedule homeschool work and activities. Virtual homeschool is a bit different. Since it is still public school, just done at home, there are certain time requirements that students have to meet each day. At the beginning of the school year, we had to turn in a […]

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Not Speaking the Same Language

by Caroline March 14, 2012
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Sometimes when I tell Bubbles or M-bug to do something, the result is so far from the original instruction that I think they must be speaking a different language than I am. I’m sure this is an issue that most parents have with their kids, but I think that it is especially challenging for kids […]

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Field Trip, Part Two

by Caroline March 11, 2012
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The school field trip was officially over, but I had other plans. After we left the Idaho State Capitol Building, we headed to Julia Davis Park. It was in the 50’s, so we found a picnic table and broke out the picnic lunch. After they were done eating, Bubbles and M-bug joined a classmate who […]

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Field Trip, Part One

by Caroline March 10, 2012
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Yesterday we got to go on a field trip with the girls’ virtual school to visit the Idaho Capitol Building.  One of the things I really like about their school is that there are field trips at least once a month.  Of course, we all have to get there on our own, but since most […]

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When it rains, it pours … unless you have an umbrella

by Caroline March 7, 2012
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You’re just about to leave the grocery store.  As you get to the front doors, you realize it’s raining cats and dogs, and you get soaked when you go out.  When you dredge up your umbrella from the trunk of the car, the rain stops. Or you get sick.  You put up with it for […]

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