September 2012

IEP Meeting and New Homeschool Schedule

by Caroline on September 17, 2012

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Sorry to leave you all hanging, everybody. This last week has been crazy, but good, owing in part to the IEP meeting I had at the girls’ school on the 7th, and a new homeschool schedule.

You might recall that I was having an extremely hard time keeping up with everything that the girls need help with in school. There’s only one of me, and I just couldn’t find enough time to give them the one-on-one help they need. I definitely needed help.

Happily, I got it when I went to M-bug’s IEP meeting. Their virtual school’s focus is on kids who learn differently, so the faculty are quite used to the kinds of issues I was facing. Also, since Bubbles and M-bug are so intertwined school-wise, the meeting morphed into being about Bubbles also, who up to this point hasn’t had an IEP. Here are the main things that came out of the meeting.

1. Science and Social Studies will now be project-based grading instead of test-based for both girls. This one adjustment makes a huge difference to our school days. While both can read (M-bug’s skills are finally progressing), neither has good reading comprehension or memory. So reading a long lesson over a day or two and then trying to take a test with picky questions centered on details instead of the big picture is an excruciating process for all involved. This is definitely better, and I’m looking at using lapbooks for some of their lessons. I might still eventually decide to switch science and social studies to traditional homeschool and have them attend the virtual school for only math and reading, but I’ll wait on that for a bit.

2. Bubbles is getting a 504 to make these, and any future, accommodations legal. A 504 plan is allows us to make accomodations to curriculum standards based on a medical diagnosis, in this case ADHD.

3. I got help building a schedule. Mrs. G., M-bug’s Special Education teacher, put this schedule together for me. It helps me make sure that I have the time to work with Bubbles while M-bug is working on something she can do independently, and vice versa. Thanks Mrs. G.!

New School Schedule

I’ll admit that I am feeling a bit like the “keeper of the clock” now, trying to keep us on track. (It’s OK if you’re not finished, just close your reading and switch to math!) But for now, it’s helping me to not worry about making sure all subjects get done.

However, it doesn’t stop me worrying about what’s going to happen to the schedule once M-bug starts Speech and OT.   😉


Not Sure I Can Survive Homeschooling

by Caroline September 5, 2012
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Last time I walked you through what a typical day of our virtual homeschooling looks like. It’s been crazy, but on the whole, we’ve been doing OK. I’m not OK today. I don’t know what it is, but I’m halfway to either freaking out or shutting down right now. M-bug had her first day of educational […]

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