About Us

Welcome!  My name is Caroline.  I am a fairly Type-A, organized, focused person.  As such, I enjoy an uncluttered house, checking things off my to-do list, and The Container Store. My husband (Decoder Man), my daughter Bubbles, and my daughter M-bug all have ADHD. See the problem?

Life for an inherently focused person in the midst of three inherently non-focused people can be boiled down to one word: chaos.

My precious M-bug also has other challenges: Pervasive Developmental Disorder (Not Otherwise Specified) which is on the autism spectrum, Sensory Processing Disorder, and low general memory, in addition to processing difficulties. Learning is a daily struggle for her.

This blog is not meant to be an expert opinion on learning disabilities, ADHD, autism or homeschooling. I have absolutely no formal education in any of the above, and don’t pretend to have all (or any) of the answers. Rather, this blog is a look at a household of opposites.  It’s also about the struggles of a mother, for whom school was very easy, trying to educate her daughters, for whom it is not.  I’m hoping it will be entertaining and encouraging for you, and therapeutic for me. 

Here’s a little about our family:

A picture of Caroline.Caroline is an unintentional homeschool mom. You know how some missionaries will say that they prayed for God to send them to anywhere but Africa, so He sends them to Africa? Same thing here. Caroline said she would never homeschool, and now she is. In her spare time she works on this blog, takes macro focus photographs, and tries, usually unsucessfully, to get the laundry done.

A picture of Decoder Man.Decoder Man is a computer programmer by day, and by night … still a programmer, working on side projects at home. He is one of the most positive people you’ll ever meet, always with a smile. He’s a great dad and a super husband, always giving Caroline the time she needs to just get away for awhile. It helps make up for the fact that he doesn’t notice when the house needs decluttering.

BubblesBubbles is 14 years old. She loves to draw, swim, and play her Nintendo 3DS. She also loves people, and knows no strangers. Whenever new children come on the scene, she takes them under her wing and makes them feel welcome. Her nickname is Bubbles because she flits from place to place, making people happy. Bubbles wants to be a graphic artist when she grows up.

M-bugM-bug is 12 years old. She loves animals. Whether stuffed, plastic, drawn, on TV, in a book, or in real life,  animals are her thing. She can tell you lots of interesting facts about animals, owing to her love of the PBS programs Zoboomafoo and Wild Kratts, and the Animal Channel. She also enjoys riding her bike and playing Animal Jam. M-bug wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.


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