Spring Fever (or, Thank Goodness it’s Almost Summer Break)

by Caroline on May 15, 2012

Holy cow. Man alive. Good grief. Great Scott! I cannot believe how out of control Bubbles has been these last few days. It’s like she hasn’t taken her ADHD medicine at all. She is literally bouncing off of the walls. M-bug isn’t quite as hyper, but more excitable than usual. They definitely have spring fever.

Our family's May 2012 Calendar and Schedule

Help! It’s bleeding multi-colored ink!

The girls’ last “real” day of school is this Friday. Next week is just fun activities, and turning in their laptops to the school office. Both girls are dreading losing their computers for the summer. They’ve gotten used to being able to play on the PBS Kids and Build-A-Bear websites in their spare time, and knowing that they’re going to have to share my desktop with me, and that I’ll be on it most of the time, has them both disappointed.

Honestly, we’ve all got a bit of spring fever. All of us are ready to be done with school. Bubbles because she would rather be doing just about anything else. M-bug because — well, I’m not sure why, but she says she is. Me because I feel like I just can’t hold on anymore. I’ve been trying so hard to keep everybody on task, and keep the house up (don’t ask about the laundry), and gather, copy, and turn in all of the paperwork to try to get M-bug a Katie Beckett card (more on that soon). And, oh yeah, trying to get this blog going. And right now, I’m feeling completely worn out.

I need the summer to regroup and start fresh in the fall. I need time to analyze what worked, what didn’t, and how I want to go about doing things next school year. We’re still going to be using the public virtual academy, partly because I’m fairly pleased with it, and partly because I just want the girls to do the same thing for school for two years in a row. But our daily schedule, or even just a routine, still needs improvement, and it’s going to be more important next year than ever before.

I need structure. I need to be able to know how everything is going to fit into a day, or a week. I try to plan errands efficiently so that I spend the least amount of time and gasoline on them. I’m a bit of a homebody and want to get everything done in one fell swoop so that I don’t have to go anywhere for awhile. And you’d think that homeschooling would afford me more of that, but in reality it’s been anything but. The girls go to the computer lab at least three times a week, M-bug has her cognitive therapy twice, Bubbles has guitar lessons once. Then there’s church twice a week, band practice once, and regular errands. I know this probably doesn’t sound like much, but it still all has to fit into its place, with room for school and housework and leisure inbetween.

Next year is going to be more difficult. If all goes well, M-bug will be in Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy once a week each. We’ll try to get her vision tested — not whether she can see but whether her eyes can track, and check depth perception. There might even be Developmental Therapy more than once a week to help her cope with and learn to respond to the objects and situations that make her most uncomfortable.

And if that’s not enough, we’re now trying to get Bubbles in to see a neuropsychologist as well. It won’t be the same as M-bug’s, as he still has a seven-months-long waiting list. This new doctor’s waiting list is about four months long. The more I learn about the autism spectrum, the more things I see in her behavior that need to be assessed. She also has such struggles with reading comprehension, and she simply cannot focus or sit still, even with her medication. Something’s got to change. So we could be looking at more appointments for her, too.

Our family's May 2012 Calendar and Schedule

And this doesn’t even contain school assignments …

The thought of adding all of these appointments and trips to therapy makes my heart race and my breath catch. I do not, at this point in time, see how I can get it all done. Plus, the thought of adding a ton more miles to my 16-year-old Dodge Grand Caravan with almost 195,000 miles on it is definitely not appealing, as I simply can’t replace it in the forseeable future. I’m mentally overwhelmed by details, and even though it means I’ll be closer to having to deal with them, I can’t wait for summer break because I won’t have to worry about making Bubbles get her social studies done and actually learn something through the effort, or take M-bug to the learning center.

I hope I’m not rambling (if so, I apologize), but if I am, it’s because that’s how my mind feels these days. My thoughts are a big jumble that simply won’t be organized. And what do I do when I get overwhelmed? I read. I disappear into books and don’t surface for, oh, a week or so. Of course, I still help the girls with school, get everybody where they need to go, and put food on the table, but mentally I’m somewhere else. Every person has a way of dealing with stress, and that’s mine. So I’m glad it’s almost summer break, because once some stress is off, I’ll hopefully be able to get my mind back into my house, and here with you, instead of wherever it’s been in a book. I can hope, anyway.



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The Mommy Psychologist May 16, 2012 at 10:25 pm

Spring Fever has hit my household too!


Caroline May 17, 2012 at 8:20 am

Oh, I feel for you. Especially since you have a 3 year old!


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