Day 4 Update and Curriculum Part 2

by Caroline on April 11, 2013

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We’re on Day 4 of our first week of traditional homeschooling. Day 3 didn’t go so well. Decoder Man and I spent half the night before awake for no discernable reason, and then I finally fell asleep just before I should have been getting up. Slept late … you get the idea. So we just did what we had to as far as homeschooling went, and left it at that.

Today has gone much better. I’ll admit, though, that I wonder if we’re doing enough work. It seems like we get through the lessons that are meant to be done daily fairly quickly. It’s not a terribly bad thing, since the girls’ ADHD makes it difficult to be focused for extended periods of time, and it gives them opportunities for little breaks that don’t interrupt what they’re working on. So, on one hand, I wonder if we’re doing enough. On the other hand, it could just be me continuing to think in a Type-A, brick-and-mortar school way.

Curriculum, Part 2

Curriculum Homeschool

Some of the “extra” curriculum we’ll be using.

Here are some of the extras we are using. These activities aren’t necessarily done every day, but we’ll use them two or three times a week, or when it goes with what we’re working on. To see our core curriculum, click here.

  • Citizenship:  We Choose Virtues
    • This is great for developing character. It can be used in homeschools, families that don’t homeschool, and classrooms. There are kits that have Bible verses, and others that don’t for use in public classrooms.
  • Bible/Worldview:  Who is God? by Apologia
    • This is the first in a series of studies about God, us, and our world, and how we all fit together. Really liking it so far.
  • Word Studies: Analogies 1 by Arthur Liebman
    • This is something that M-bug’s educational therapist used. It teaches critical thinking as well as vocabulary.
  • Reading Skills: SRA Specific Skills Series Level D (McGraw-Hill)
    • I haven’t received this set yet, but I’m looking forward to it. It’s a series of booklets; each focuses on a different skill needed for language comprehension.
  • Handwriting: Rhythmic Writing by NILD
    • This is the method M-bug was taught at her educational therapy, and both girls will be doing the exercises on the chalkboard. It fosters brain development as well as handwriting skills.
  • Spanish: Rosetta Stone, Homeschool Edition
    • Both girls are really excited to learn Spanish. Rosetta Stone has a homeschool version that allows for tracking of assignments, etc. I got the whole set on a special sale, so I’m excited (and my budget is relieved). Decoder Man and I might do this too!

This seems like a lot of extra stuff, but again, we won’t do all of it every day, and some of them will only be for ten minutes or so. I think they’ll help round out the core curriculum as well as address some of the learning disabilities we’ve got going on. Next time, I’ll tell you about the fun games and activities we’re using too.


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