Getting Behind in Life

by Caroline on November 6, 2012

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I haven’t posted anything besides macro photos in three weeks, and that’s just because I had several weeks’ worth of macro posts in the queue. I feel like I’m getting behind in my own life, not to mention my blog. (It’s been so long that I’ve almost forgotten how to use WordPress, and I just hit the “publish” button instead of the “preview” button. So I apologize if you got an email saying there’s a new post but couldn’t find it — that’s because I yanked it back.) There’s no use trying to catch up. So watch out, because I’m going to ramble.

ADHD, PDD(NOS) & Learning Disabilities

Several things have happened in this area. One is that M-bug was finally assigned a case worker from Easter Seals/Goodwill who will oversee her developmental services and budget. So I get to … guess what? … fill out more forms. Yup. Joy.

Also, today Bubbles had her all-day neuropsych evaluation. I spoke with the doctor for almost an hour before the testing actually started, and she said it could be that Bubbles won’t fit into any category or label, so we’ll just have to get as close as we can and see what, if anything, can be done to help her with school and social difficulties, not to mention her ADHD. I haven’t been expecting her to get any kind of an Autism diagnosis, so this doesn’t surprise me. We have an appointment to discuss the doctor’s observations and recommendations on November 20.

And what, you ask, did I do with myself all day while she was testing? I … wait for it … filled out more forms! Woohoo! Story of my life this year. And I swear, they try to trip you up on those assessments by asking the same question five different ways. It’s hard to keep it all straight.

Homeschooling, Virtually

Life in the virtual homeschooling arena is in some ways good and some ways not. Good? Bubbles is getting better about being able to do science and social studies lessons on her own. She’s sending her teacher a quick summary of each lesson by email, and after working out a simple system of things to look for in each lesson, she’s been able to do it mostly by herself. She still takes too long to get through each lesson, but she’s progressing.

The not so good? In Language Arts, Bubbles is not progressing at all. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Her teacher is concerned by the lack of progress, especially since she’s working at almost two grade levels down. I’m hoping that the neuropsych eval can help us find out what is going on here.

M-bug is doing pretty good with school and her educational therapy. She’s just plugging along, and that’s fine. She’s also not doing well in Language Arts, even considering that we have her difficulty set at more than a year below where she should be, but that’s really to be expected.

We haven’t yet attempted another lapbook. The ones we did were very time intensive, and I felt we were getting too behind, curriculum-wise. Maybe we’ll try one again after Christmas. I’m still planning to show you what the girls did for the lapbooks they turned in a couple of weeks ago. Promise.

Daily Chaos

Living Christmas Tree

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas … I took this with my phone, so it’s not a great picture.

Here’s where things start to fall apart. This time of year is extremely busy for our family, mostly due to our involvement in our church’s Living Christmas Tree. I work on it all year long (yes, I start listening to Christmas music in February), and this, of course, is crunch time. Soon I’ll be spending most evenings at church, working to program the Tree’s lights (all 110,000+ of them) to be coordinated with the music of the program. Also, I’m in the orchestra (second clarinet and penny whistle) and I’m trying to get some practice time in every day. I often don’t succeed. Add to all this the fact that we start selling tickets next Monday, and I’ll be helping with that when needed, and I’m more than a bit snowed under.

I mentioned going away to the mountains with friends for the weekend a couple weeks ago, and I had a great time, but I always get behind on the house when I’m away, and this time it really snowballed into a huge mess. Type-A girl that I am, I have been completely stressed out at the state of the house, and when that happens, I just shut down. And I shut down pretty badly. Last week, instead of getting work done on the Tree or housework or paperwork for therapy, I was in bed reading almost whenever I could get away with it. It was the worst it’s been since 2007 or so, when I had a huge battle with depression. I’m relieved that I seem to be back to normal, for now. I pray it stays that way, but this time of year … it’s soooo easy for me to get overwhelmed. I’m really going to have to work hard to keep up with things so that I don’t just give up.

Well, I hope I didn’t bring you down too much. This definitely hasn’t been my usual well-planned, thought-out post about a particular subject, but that’s OK. I’m way too much of a perfectionist, and that’s in part what’s kept me from posting these last few weeks, because I couldn’t work on blogging the way I wanted to. So I let it go, and then it would weigh on me and I’d ignore it (I’m really good at playing ostrich) and it would bother me more, and I’d ignore it more, and … you get the idea.

I’ll try to worry less about having well-written, informative posts, and more about just staying in touch with you, and telling you how I really feel. That’s what this blog is really supposed to be about, anyway.


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