Pop Quiz

by Caroline March 18, 2012
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Bubbles is in Bible Quizzing, and yesterday was the last quiz meet of the year. I’m so proud of her. She worked really hard this year studying the book of Matthew. She was in Quizzing last year too, but it just never really clicked. She didn’t want to work at it, and had a hard […]

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Not Speaking the Same Language

by Caroline March 14, 2012
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Sometimes when I tell Bubbles or M-bug to do something, the result is so far from the original instruction that I think they must be speaking a different language than I am. I’m sure this is an issue that most parents have with their kids, but I think that it is especially challenging for kids […]

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Instruction Via Chat Window

by Caroline March 6, 2012
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Monday is the girls’ day at their school’s computer lab.  While their school is a virtual online school, and most of the students are issued a laptop on which to work from home, the lab is still a busy place.  The school offices are there, and each teacher works out of the lab several days […]

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Mr. Squishy and Fluffy

by Caroline March 1, 2012
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It’s snowing today.  It’s only the third time it’s snowed this winter, so this is a big deal.  The last time it snowed, Bubbles made a snowball that she wanted to save in the freezer.  For reasons known only to her, she named said snowball Mr. Squishy. Mr. Squishy has curiously gotten smaller and smaller […]

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