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A Break in the Chaos

by Caroline on February 20, 2013

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Fam Room Staged for Moving

My perfectly staged family room. If only it was like this all the time! The walls aren’t this lemon colored in real life, honest.

Wow. I can’t believe it’s been over two months since I blogged anything.

Actually, scratch that. Yes, I can. Here’s what all has happened:

  • The girls went to Seattle to visit family after Christmas. Decoder Man and I started going through our house to get it ready to sell. You might remember that in early December he got a new job in Austin, Texas, so we’re moving.
  • The girls came back, and packing started in earnest.
  • We packed up a moving container with half of our possessions, and sent it off to Texas.
  • Decoder Man made the 1700 mile trip to Austin.
  • Bubbles had a 3-day fever and bad cold.
  • I flew to Austin for a weekend so we could find a rental house.
  • I worked for almost three straight weeks with friends to declutter, continue to pack, patch, paint, and stage our house to sell.
  • The house sold in one day!
  • We bought a new car! The minivan would never have made it all the way to Austin. It’s hard to say goodbye to a car I’ve had over 12 years, but … no, I’m lying. It’s not hard. 🙂
Moving Mileage

Darn it! I just missed it. That’s a lot of miles for a mini-van.

And that’s where I am today. We’re still working at keeping our house straight, and I’ve probably enjoyed it more than the whole time I’ve lived here. I’m really glad it sold, though, because I felt like a drill sergeant trying to make the girls keep their things cleaned up. Expecting two little girls with ADHD to remember to hang up towels, put dishes straight into the dishwasher, and put away their plethora of Littlest Pet Shop toys and My Little Ponies without being reminded is a lesson in futility.

Things will get crazy again in a week or so, when we start packing up everything we still have here. I’m going to keep trying to declutter things as we move and get settled in the new house. It’s amazing how keeping my house clean is balm to my Type-A soul. I hope to try to keep it up, once we’re unpacked.  Good luck, right?

Staging for moving

Looks pretty good, if I do say so myself.



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