When it rains, it pours … unless you have an umbrella

by Caroline on March 7, 2012

16 colors Umbrella

You’re just about to leave the grocery store.  As you get to the front doors, you realize it’s raining cats and dogs, and you get soaked when you go out.  When you dredge up your umbrella from the trunk of the car, the rain stops.

Or you get sick.  You put up with it for several days, and then finally make that dreaded appointment to see your doctor.  But once you’re finally in the doctor’s office, you feel fine.

Or say your car is making that distinctive rattle.  You put up with it for a bit, but it’s always in the back of your head, worrying you, until you finally call to get your car into the repair shop.  And then, of course, it doesn’t make the rattle, and the repairman looks at you like you’re just another ignorant driver.

That’s a bit like how I feel today.  Ever since we started homeschooling last fall, it’s been funny thing after exasperating thing after frustrating thing after precious thing all day long with my girls (and my husband, but we won’t go there).  For some time now, I’ve been thinking, “I really need to start a blog.  You can’t make up this stuff!”  And now that I’ve started said blog, nothing happens.  The girls have been working fairly diligently and somewhat quietly on their schoolwork for the past three days.  Nothing funny to report.  And I haven’t been writing any of these funny little happenings down, so I can’t think of any to tell you.

I’m sure this is just a little dry spell, and our household will soon again take on its normal, amusing chaotic-ness.  But for the meantime, ever hopeful, I’m going to keep out my umbrella.

16 color Umbrella photo & thumbnail by flickr user 2493. See Creative Commons Licence here


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